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River City's Audit Process

River City Wood Products can reduce upfront costs and increase your Return on Investment (ROI) of your wooden pallets or skids by performing a thorough Pallet Audit.  Click on the following link to initiate the audit process and receive a pricing proposal >>> RFQ

The 4 R's of a Pallet Audit: 

Reduction in Specifications: River City will identify changes needed to optimize each component of the pallet by avoiding any dimensional "overkill".  We will breakdown individual components of the pallet to look for opportunities to take cost out of the pallet while reducing product damages and increasing handling process safety.

Remanufactured Pallet: River City offers a remanufactured pallet that matches a customer's exact specification/requirement by using all recycled pallet material.  A combination of recycled and new material can also be used if no recycled pallet component sizes are available.  This is an excellent product for the environmentally conscience end-user.


Recycled Pallet: River City offers a full line of recycled pallets.  Recycled pallets have filtered through the supply chain and have been discarded, salvaged and repaired by professional recycling operations.  Recycled pallets can significantly reduce costs while being environmentally friendly.

Retrieval Program:  River City's Retrieval Program is win/win for you and your customer.  The program will capture your pallet via the end user, and their value is recovered through a management program.  Once the pallet is recovered, we will sort, repair and place the "finished" pallet back into your distribution stream.

Our goal for 4 R's

  • Reduce the overall pallet cost
  • Increase ROI - Return on initial pallet investment
  • Increase the life of pallet
  • Maintain high quality and tight product specifications
  • Maintain your customer relationship


River City News

River City Wood Products News

Summer 2012 - River City Wood Products is pleased to announce two new additions to our team.  Brittany Eddy will be Outside Sales covering the Chicago and Illinois markets and Brigid Andrews will be Inside Sales/Administration in our office.  Brittany comes to River City with proven sales experience from the media sales industry.  Brigid comes to River City with 10 years of administration experience at CPR Ohio.  

River City Wood Products continues to develop and grow our team to support our expanding business.  We realize that in order to support our customers we need to invest in great people.  Brittany and Brigid are recent examples of this investment.     



About Us

River City Wood Products, LLC has established ourselves as a premier pallet company in the United States. River City Wood Products is a supplier and distributor of wood pallets. With headquarters in Cleveland, OH, we supply new (white wood), recycled and reconditioned wood pallets / skids, heat treated pallets, crates/boxes and other wood packaging material to companies nationwide.  With over 20 combined years of working with local, regional, national, and international businesses, River City would be an asset to any size company looking for a national supplier of wooden pallets. Our knowledge and experience has become the backbone of our company. 

River City expects planned growth in sales, and customer satisfaction, by using existing manufacturing relationships to continually create opportunities to improve the customer's competitive position.